Laney is a little bit timid. She "lays" back to Gnarly as she is less dominant, though she has gained confidence to feed out of our hands.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Ruth is confident. She doesn't squabble for food. She knows who she is and doesn't have to prove herself to any other hens. Ruth can be easily identified by her regal white collar.
Bianca is the only white hen so she stands out of the crowd. She was the first to brood which taught us the sadness of having to send our hens to "Chicken Jail" which breaks the hen of brooding.

Bianca was released on good behavior and is back to being a productive member of chicken society!
Gnarly isn't afraid to stand next to you and peck your shoes. She exudes confidence and is a true alpha of the flock! Gnarly is distinguishable by her many crooked toes, hence the name.
Mariah Carey
Mariah is the most vocal of the flock. She will squak in the morning until she gets her morning chicken treats. She will squak at you if you are in the coup. She is very vocal and opiniated! Look for her unique black feet.
Sumatra was the last to be named. She was eating and there was shimmer of dark brown on her neck which reminded us of a cup of coffee. She is an easy going, happy chicken.
Pumpkin is not one to stand out amongst the others. She is content, does her own thing and lays lovely eggs. Pumpkin is a brown hen with orange feet.
Priyanka is the pretty one and she knows it! She is the second in command, behind Gnarly. Priyanka is often the last one to climb back into the coup as she loves the outdoors.
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